Zenon‘s Proto Zoa Just Zoom Zoom Zoomed His Way into Our Hearts for the 20th Anniversary

Every ‘90s kid’s crush is putting us in overdrive again. Phillip Rhys, aka hunky Proto Zoa from Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century and Zenon: the Zequel — we do not talk about the third film, OK? — revived his Disney Channel Original Movie alter ego on the 20th anniversary.

Yes, I said twentieth. We’re all archaic; might as well just throw us in a shallow grave right now.

On Wednesday (January 23), hanging out on the set of The Perfectionists, the highly-anticipated Pretty Little Liars spin-off, Rhys jammed out to the classic “Supernova Girl” song from the first film. While he doesn’t have the iconic spiky hair anymore, he still has the swagger that made audiences fall in love with him two decades ago.

Recently, it was announced Rhys would be playing a recurring character named Michael on the Freeform show. His co-star, Sofia Carson, filmed a couple of short videos of Rhys rocking out to the hit Microbe song. She’s out here doing the Lord’s work, ya’ll.

Interestingly, Rhys’s most famous scene — the song and dance number at the end of the film — was apparently difficult for him. In an interview with io9, Rhys admitted his dancing skills were not lunarious: “There I was on stage, in costume, with my band Microbe, and they played the song. And crikey, I was just abysmal. You should’ve seen their faces. Their jaws dropped.”

“They didn’t ask if I could dance, they just assumed I had some sort of rhythm. And I was absolutely atrocious,” he added. Zetus lapetus! Well, he managed to pull it off, because that song is still a bop.

And remember, everyone: Microbe is the name of the band, while Proto Zoa is the name of the hot lead singer. It’s been 20 years already; please get it right.

Yeah, I definitely fell in love with Rhys all over again after seeing these videos. Thanks for making my heart go “boom boom” since 1999, Proto Zoa.

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