The Entire Brothers Garcia Family Reunited 15 Years After the Show Ended

Todo para la familia. Everything for the family.

Before there was Drake & Josh, iCarly, and Victorious on Nickelodeon, there was The Brothers Garcia. The criminally underrated show ran from 2000-2003 and followed the exploits of a Mexican-American family living in San Antonio, Texas.

The series wasn’t afraid to explore its culture and step away from the “norm” of predominately white television – and that’s what made it great. As Variety pointed out in 2000, The Brothers Garcia made TV history as “the first English-language sitcom to feature an all Latino cast and creative staff.” Also in 2000, The Washington Post noted how the Garcias were “the only middle-class Latino family in prime time, the first in 20 years.”

The Brothers Garcia

In case you’re still not getting it, The Brothers Garcia was a big freaking deal when it launched 18 years ago.

On June 29, Jeffrey Licon (Carlos Garcia) ‘grammed a pic of the entire Garcia fam-bam. “As seen on tv,” he captioned. Be still my heart.

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as seen on tv.

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Posed with Licon are Bobby Gonzalez (George Garcia), Vaneza Pitynski (Lorena Garcia), Carlos Lacamara (Ray Garcia), Ada Maris (Sonia Garcia), and Alvin Alvarez (Larry Garcia). All we’re missing is John Leguizamo, who narrated the series as the adult Larry.

(Pitynski shared a different pic of the reunion on her Instagram account on July 6. Because her account is private, Nostalgia Is the New Black won’t post it here but trust us when we say it’s super cute.)

The Brothers Garcia had a bunch of now-famous guest stars, including Vanessa Hudgens, Penn Badgley, Brenda Song, Kay Panabaker, and Gotta Kick It Up!‘s Camille Guaty.

Every episode ended with a voice-over line that summed up the heartfelt, family-based series: “Todo para la familia. Everything for the family.” It’s nice to see nothing has changed for this cast, 15 years after the finale aired. If Nickelodeon wanted to reboot this amazing series, we wouldn’t be mad. (Hint hint, wink wink.)

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