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The Blank Check Mansion Is Real, Thanks To A Former Nickelodeon Star

It's all about that iconic water slide.

Though ’90s favorites like Hey Arnold! and Hocus Pocus had characters with kick-ass bedrooms, nothing compared to the mansion in Blank Check. The Disney movie followed Preston Waters (Brian Bonsall), a wise beyond his years kid who outsmarted criminals and ended up with a million dollars. He spent his money like any 12-year-old would: on tons of toys, video games, a limo, and a huge house.

It was basically a castle, and Preston decked it out with all the bells and whistles a million bucks could buy — including a water slide that connected the house to the pool.

Buena Vista Pictures

Interestingly, it turns out a celeb from your childhood is totally living in a real-life Blank Check house. Romeo Miller, who starred on the Nickelodeon show Romeo!, shared a pic of his ridiculously badass pad. “Welcome to RomeoLand,” the actor and rapper captioned on Instagram Sunday (November 19).

Um, I’d like to purchase one ticket to RomeoLand, please. While his slide isn’t a tube like Preston’s was, it’s still outrageously awesome. I need one for my apartment ASAP. Also, that view of the ocean is absolutely breathtaking. Preston’s castle didn’t have that kind of view at all; it was totally landlocked in suburbia. If there’s ever a Blank Check sequel, I think we know where the filming location will be.

Featured Image: Buena Vista Pictures

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