The Blank Check Mansion Is Real, Thanks To A Former Nickelodeon Star

It's all about that iconic water slide.

Though ’90s favorites like Hey Arnold! and Hocus Pocus had characters with kick-ass bedrooms, nothing compared to the mansion in Blank Check. The Disney movie followed Preston Waters (Brian Bonsall), a wise beyond his years kid who outsmarted criminals and ended up with a million dollars. He spent his money like any 12-year-old would: on tons of toys, video games, a limo, and a huge house.

It was basically a castle, and Preston decked it out with all the bells and whistles a million bucks could buy — including a water slide that connected the house to the pool.

Blank Check Water Slide
Buena Vista Pictures

Interestingly, it turns out a celeb from your childhood is totally living in a real-life Blank Check house. Romeo Miller, who starred on the Nickelodeon show Romeo!, shared a pic of his ridiculously badass pad. “Welcome to RomeoLand,” the actor and rapper captioned on Instagram Sunday (November 19).

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Welcome to RomeoLand.

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Um, I’d like to purchase one ticket to RomeoLand, please. While his slide isn’t a tube like Preston’s was, it’s still outrageously awesome. I need one for my apartment ASAP. Also, that view of the ocean is absolutely breathtaking. Preston’s castle didn’t have that kind of view at all; it was totally landlocked in suburbia. If there’s ever a Blank Check sequel, I think we know where the filming location will be.

Featured Image: Buena Vista Pictures

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