Paris Hilton Is 12 Years Late To This Suite Life Joke, Which Is So On Brand For Her

Yay, you, Paris!

If by some minuscule chance you didn’t know, London Tipton from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody was a parody of Paris Hilton. The Disney Channel show debuted in 2005, the same year Hilton starred in House of Wax and was halfway through her run on The Simple Life. A hotel heiress and who spends money willy-nilly and is super ditzy sometimes? That makes for good TV.

Of course, we’ve all known London Tipton was low key Paris Hilton since the show first premiered and London did her obnoxious, “Yay, me!” But Paris had been pretty hush-hush on the matter — or didn’t even know what The Suite Life of Zack and Cody was — until Tuesday (September 12).

After asking her Twitter followers an innocent question on Sunday (September 10), Hilton decided to answer her own query in true Paris fashion. Her response is (dare I say it) pretty suite.

Hilton’s fans, however, were completely and totally unshook by this ~revelation~, because why wouldn’t they be? But Hilton acting like this old news is BRAND NEW INFORMATION is so on brand for her, it hurts a little. If I could clap as fast as London can, I’d be clapping for you right now, Paris.

Featured Image: Paris Hilton/Instagram / Disney

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