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The Suite Life On Deck And The New It Movie Share A Surprising Connection

It Movie 2017

Georgie Denbrough was low key livin' the suite life.

If you thought you knew every trivia factoid about Andy Muschietti’s It movie, guess again.

While all the Losers’ Club kids were insanely talented, 8-year-old Jackson Robert Scott was the film’s scene stealer. He totally nailed his scenes as the doomed Georgie Denbrough, and held his own next to Bill Skarsgård (Pennywise the Clown). For a kid so adorable, he managed to play creepy like a pro. Not to mention, he recently freaked fans out by attending a screening while dressed as his character.

Warner Bros. Pictures/YouTube

Scott’s first acting credit was on an episode of Criminal Minds in 2015, so he hasn’t been in the game too long — though it’s obvious he’s going to go quite far with his career. Like with most child actors just getting into the business, Scott was mentored by experienced actors, which just happens to include The Suite Life on Deck star Matthew Timmons, a.k.a. Woody Fink.

Timmons took to Twitter on Monday (September 11) to share how overjoyed he was with Scott’s performance in the Stephen King adaptation, along with two precious pics of the duo goofing off.

It’s no secret Timmons enjoys teaching budding actors. Earlier this year, he reunited with Suite Life co-stars Debby Ryan (Bailey Pickett) and Adrian R’Mante (Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya De La Rosa Ramirez) to work at R’Mante’s event, the Celebrity Experience.

While I love this friendship between Timmons and Scott, I’m happy Timmons didn’t float too.

Featured Image: Disney Channel / Warner Bros. Pictures

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