Chelsea’s Son Levi Stole The Whole Damn Show On The Raven’s Home Pilot

This kid's tea-serving skills are in a whole other league

After 10 years off the air, Raven Baxter and Chelsea Daniels are back on Disney Channel for Raven’s Home, a spin-off of That’s So Raven. Stars Raven-Symoné and Anneliese van der Pol reprise their roles, now playing divorced mothers living under the same roof.

The show’s pilot premiered Friday (July 21) and was well-received on Twitter amongst That’s So Raven fans. But newcomer Jason Maybaum, who plays Chelsea’s sassy son Levi, was a total scene stealer. People couldn’t get over how much tea he spilled in 22 minutes. Levi’s pals, Booker (Issac Ryan Brown) and Tess (Sky Katz), received the brunt of Levi’s shade, but they low-key deserved it.

His biggest burn called out Tess — who reminds me of Sam from iCarly — for always crashing the Baxter-Daniels household.

Levi may be small for his age, as Tess loves pointing out, but he’s out here dragging people in the year 3017. As one fan tweeted, “Levi>>> the other kids.” He’s also clearly the parent in his and Chelsea’s mother-son relationship, adorably telling her to “make good choices” before leaving for school.

All the kids held their own next to Symoné and van der Pol and I can’t wait to see more from them this season, especially from Levi. Dude is a legend (and a total sweetheart IRL).

Featured Image: Disney Channel/Bob D’Amico

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