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We Finally Know The Dark Reason Drake & Josh‘s Walter Went Missing

Get ready for a major plot twist

Turn off your GameSphere and put down the Moca Cola, because the biggest unofficial Drake & Josh reunion just happened. Walter Nichols (Jonathan Goldstein), beloved patriarch on the Nickelodeon series, has been missing for months. Drake Parker (Drake Bell) shared the news at the end of last year and kept fans updated on the search.

Premiere manager Helen Dubois (Yvette Nicole Brown), the Padres foam finger guy (Fred Stoller), and even the Great Doheny (Steve Tom) all expressed their “concern” about Walter, urging fans to find the missing weatherman.

Drake Bell / YouTube

On Friday (July 20), Walter’s shocking origin story dropped on YouTube. At long last, we finally know what set Walter over the edge — and it all links back to Bruce Winchell, Walter’s arch-rival weatherman. While jogging in the park, Walter saw wife Audrey (Nancy Sullivan) schmoozing it up with Bruce. Walter then threw a meatball at him (get the reference?) and returned home to ugly cry. And that’s when things got weird.

During his “Why Audrey Why” sob fest, Walter discovered a way to escape his room — which turned out to be part of the Drake & Josh set. Things got meta super fast as Walter stumbled around San Diego, completely believing he was a real person, instead of an actor playing a character.

After bumping into Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide star Devon Werkheiser, Walter found himself face-to-face with nerds Craig (Alec Medlock) and Eric (Scott Halberstadt). The duo channeled their inner Deep Throat and told Walter all about cloning and decommission and why nothing was as it seemed. The world is a dark place in Drake & Josh‘s universe. Who knew?

The video is jam-packed with enough show references and easter eggs to make creator Dan Schneider proud. Check it out below and get ready to hug your brotha.

Featured Image: Nickelodeon

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