Josh Peck’s Wedding Ceremony Didn’t Include Anyone Speaking Yudonian

Last month, Drake & Josh star Josh Peck tied the knot with girlfriend Paige O’Brien in Malibu, California. News of the Nickelodeon star’s nuptials swept the internet after Peck’s former co-star, Drake Bell, confessed in a series of now-deleted tweets he wasn’t invited as a guest. But honestly, that’s between them, so moving on.

Peck decided to combine his first vlog post with his wedding video on Wednesday (June 19), giving fans a peek into his special day. “As I’m sure none of you have heard, I got married a couple weeks ago,” the actor joked, before sharing clips of himself and his friends getting ready for the event. While we don’t get to see the actual “I do” part — because that’s, like, super personal — Peck was gracious enough to share “a cool little chopped up montage-y wedding thing” with his fans.

Based on the video, it’s clear Peck’s big day was nothing like Drake Parker’s accidental wedding to Yooka on Drake & Josh. There were no stuffed goats, no ceremonial rug, and no Blemin speaking Yudonian. But, there was plenty of laughter, dancing, and food from In-N-Out.

Surprisingly, Peck isn’t the first celeb to share video from his wedding. iCarly‘s Nathan Kress and Wizards of Waverly Place‘s David Henrie both posted montages from the happiest days of their lives. Check out the uber cute video above and get ready to literally laugh out loud at Peck’s hilarious one-liners.

Featured Image: Nickelodeon

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